What does the acronym LUG/IP stand for?

LUG/IP is short for "Linux Users Group in Princeton"

Who is LUG/IP?

We are a small group of Linux users, admins and enthusiasts who have
crossed the road and learned to appreciate the quality and merrit in the
Linux kernel and the associated untilities and programs that make up a
complete FREE operating system.

When & Where does the group hold meetings?

Meetings are held at the Lawrence Branch of the Mercer County Library
System on the corner of Rt. #1 South & Darrah Lane in Lawrence Township,
NJ. For directions and information about the library click here

Meetings are held monthly, typically on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 7PM.
Check our officially published meeting schedule.

What do you do at your meetings?

The meetings are loosely structured and serve as a gathering place for
members and the general public to meet and learn about Linux and Open Source Software projects.
Most meetings have some kind of presentation, formal or informal that usually demonstrates a particular
software project or administration technique. There are many topics to choose from...they vary greatly.

Who are the people involved?

Anyone with an interest in Open-Source Software, Linux, Unix or Open Source Initiative. We support
freedom in collaborating on software. We support software and hardware companies that enhance the technological creative spirit.

Why become a member?

By joining you will receive emails on meetings and events. We encourage you to join the mailing-list
to ask and answer questions concerning Open-Source Software and Linux.

How do I become a member?

Show up at one of our meetings - check our meeting schedule posted on the web-site:

What topics are discussed at the meetings?

LUG/IP topics vary. We discuss current happenings topics concerning Open-Source Software. During each meeting there is time for open discussion when questions can be asked. Members are always welcome to suggest their own topics and can always send email to We will read your email, and give it serious consideration.

What is Linux?

Linux is a kernel, which is a piece of software, or a program, that
forms the backbone of what we know today as an "Operating System". In a
short simplified way of speaking, and Operating System is the MAIN
program that runs on your computer and controls the execution and
housekeeping associated with running other programs on your computer.
Since defining Linux is controversial and highly opinionated, I will
refer new-comers to these links to help you to understand more about

These links are by no means all-encompassing, however its enough information to
get newcomers started.